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Hidden Treasure at Buzzard Point

Posted by on July 15, 2012

One of my favorite things to do on Mount Hood is to explore the roads that off shoot from the scenic byway in search of a new view of the mountain, a hidden patch of wildflowers or huckleberries, or just a quiet spot to let the kids out to run and stretch their legs. Buzzard Point is just one of those discoveries.

Buzzard Point is located just off Highway 35, on a deserted stretch of the original highway to Hood River. Between the Pioneer Women’s Grave Memorial and Barlow Pass Sno-Park, this also follows a segment at the Oregon Trail over Mount Hood. A popular snowshoe trail in the winter, in the summer I have seen few visitors here. In fact, on my many stops here, I have only been passed by a handful of cars, and no one else has even taken the time to stop.

The view of Mount Hood from Buzzard Point

Besides the incredible view, one of the hidden treasures here is the fountain next to the road. Looking like something that belongs along the Historic Columbia River Highway rather than a back road on the east side of Mount Hood, it served early travelers around the mountain with a refreshing drink, or a little coolant for their automobiles as they traveled the steep grades in the area.

Mount Hood as seen from the fountain. Both my cousin and I took similar shots this day, both playing with our cameras. You may have seen his version that I shared on Facebook. This is my interpretation.

Note: There is a sign warning that the water here is not tested, so I would recommend against taking a drink yourself. However, on a hot day, a little water splashed on the back of your neck does provide for a nice cool off.

My daughter, Odessa, playing next to the fountain.

Not far from the fountain, is a hidden geogache. We found this on a prior visit, completely by accident, and signed our names to the book inside.

Signatures from one of our previous visits.

My girls, along with my cousins from Bend who were along for the day, were excited to find the treasure in the woods again. We left a trinket scavenged from the toys in the van behind, and signed our names again. Even if you are not a geocahing enthusiast, it’s still great fun to open the box and see what is hiding inside, and leave a littleĀ  surprise behind for the next person to find it.

Sage and Holly leaving behind "treasure".

The best treasure of the day? Spending quality time with my family in the outdoors!

Plan your own visit:

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